Eneida is an international Makeup Artist based in Dallas, Texas. Originally from the Mediterranean, her interest for beauty and fashion developed at a young age and grew when she started pageant and fashion modeling in Europe and USA. Through modeling, she discovered a love and passion for the makeup and beauty industry.

She went through intensive training in Europe, studying at the exclusive Cover Face Makeup School in Germany, where her talents and creative energy bloomed. Her sense of style, grace and attention to detail make a client feel relaxed, at ease and look stunning in the process.

Eneida is a complete makeup artist and is an expert in Brow Shaping; as she explains "Brows are very important, not only do they frame your eyes but also show personality and mood, just like cartoons." If you ask Eneida how to describe what her style would be, she simply would say "all I know is that when I see a face my mind starts visualizing as what I can do,and its like a waterfall."

Her extensive makeup experience in Film, Fashion, Television and Theatre include Runway Fashion Shows, the Cannes Film Festival, theater productions in U.S and Europe, Magazine Covers, Video Commercials, as well as weddings.

She has also worked for over 7 years for Nars Cosmetics, one of the most fashion forward Makeup Companies in the industry.


Eneida Hatch

e-mail: info@infoeneida.stephanglathecom
phone: +1.407.924.9216


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